The NFL’s Tennessee Titans are replacing the natural playing surface at Nissan Stadium in Nashville with synthetic turf.

The Titans looked into a number of solutions to improve the grass surface which has proved difficult to grow consistently because of the climate in the region.

And statistics from the 2018-2021 NFL seasons showed Nissan Stadium had a higher lower extremity injury rate to players than any of the monofilament synthetic turfs in the league.

The conclusion was to install a cutting-edge field turf that will be ready in time for the 2023 season.

The project – replacing the grass with monofilament, Matrix Helix Turf with organic infill – will provide players with a consistent playing experience year-round. 

This autumn, Nissan Stadium will become the first NFL stadium with the technology of a synthetic turf system that incorporates organic infill.

Titans’ president and CEO Burke Nihill said:

Ultimately, we've landed on the decision, based on that data, to transition to a monofilament surface with an organic infill that mimics the natural feel of grass while getting the consistency and durability of field turf. 

There's just a limit to how much can be done for a natural grass surface in this part of the country. This turf is cutting-edge technology and will be a huge improvement in terms of consistency and performance.

The new playing field at Nissan Stadium will be similar to the surface and infill that is currently used inside the team's indoor practice facility at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park, and also used in other practice facilities across the NFL. 

Editorial credit: Felix Mizioznikov /