German Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt has been given the green light to boost capacity at Deutsche Bank Park to 60,000.

A further 11,000 standing room spaces are going to be put in place at the venue in Frankfurt. 

An announcement was made by Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball CEO Axel Hellmann and Mike Josef, head of sports for the city of Frankfurt, a few minutes before kick-off against SC Freiburg on Sunday evening. Hellmann said:

For a number of years now, we have been working hard to get permission to extend our standing area and going back as far as 18 years ago, we made sure that the stadium plans actually included a standing area. This is another great achievement in that respect.

I want to express my sincerest thanks on behalf of Eintracht Frankfurt – and by that, I am including not just club management but above all the representatives of the fan board, the fan club associations, the Nordwestkurve e.V., the Ultras and of course the fan and promotion department.

The agreement is the next critical step in the context of the various infrastructural measures that Eintracht Frankfurt has introduced and implemented in recent years. 

Josef also welcomed the news that a building permit had been secured. He said: 

We are opening a new chapter in the cooperation between the City of Frankfurt and Eintracht Frankfurt. I have the building permit for the expansion of the stadium for 11,000 new standing places. The stadium capacity will thus be increased to 60,000. Construction will start in late autumn, when things really get going.