Good progress is being made on the revamp of River Plate’s El Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The redevelopment project will make El Monumental South America’s highest capacity stadium, capable of holding 81,000 spectators (57,722 seating and 23,278 standing). 

The project will see a new tier being added closer to the playing field and several improvements will be made to the lower grandstands to give spectators a better view.

The club has the first and only hybrid grass playing field with heating and aeration systems in the country. 

Thanks to this work, the Mâs Monumental Stadium will have new lower grandstands, 180 boxes, 926 hospitality seats, a 24/7 restaurant, 360° mobility in boxes, three new parking levels, and a new Instituto River, among other important innovations.

Work is now in a second phase with more than 200 people working from Monday to Saturday  and 4,000 cubic meters of concrete poured so far. The work has progressed as follows:

Centenario lower grandstand

-It’s the grandstand where the most progress has been made.

-90% of the concrete work is finished (tier stage).

-Creation of new access, Puerta Maraton, for vehicle entry (adjacent to the Belgrano grandstand).

Centenario boxes

-The construction fence was placed to start building the new boxes.

-Restrooms, grandstand bars, and medical posts have been demolished.

-30 boxes and a 24/7 restaurant (500m2 indoor area + 215m2 outdoor area) will be built, facing the River neighborhood and the playing field, with new circulation spaces and cladding.

-The foundations for the elevator tower have been completed.

San Martin lower grandstand

- One third of the concrete work is finished (tier stage).

-The single exit tunnel leading to the playing field is 70% finished (excavation and casting works). The support structure is being built.

-The seats will start to be put in place soon.

Sivori lower grandstand

-The foundations have been laid (they will support the whole structure).

-Concrete work is being carried out at the new gates.

Belgrano lower grandstand

-Currently laying the concrete foundation.

A new colour for a new era

The colour choice is based on a brand strategy that aims at conveying a sense of modernity and spaciousness, achieving a neater visual style and design. The gray colour, taken from concrete, honours the basic material that makes up the Mâs Monumental Stadium.

This colour will also lead to considerable savings in the mid- to long-term as it lasts longer in open air stadiums that are directly affected by UV rays.

The Club's new branding includes different shades of grey as a complementary colour to white, red, and black, which represent River Plate.

One grey shade has been taken as the basis for the full design of the Mâs Monumental Stadium, following the trend of the world’s most important stadiums, including Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the SoFi Stadium, the Allegiant Stadium, the AT&T Stadium, and the Areia da Baixada Stadium.