The Miami Dolphins have launched a new autonomous shopping experience for fans at Hard Rock Stadium.

In partnership with Verizon and AiFi, the Dolphins have launched the Hard Rock Stadium Express Shop, an autonomous retail experience powered by Verizon's 5G self-checkout activation to Hard Rock Stadium. 

The first of its kind at an NFL stadium, the Hard Rock Stadium Express Shop offers guests of the venue with grab & go checkout options to purchase snacks, beverages and merchandise in a fully autonomous and frictionless setting.

Jeremy Walls, senior vice president, chief revenue officer of Miami Dolphins said:

As a global entertainment destination, we consistently look to implement experiences for our guests that exceed expectations in modernisation and technology which are focal points in our partnership with Verizon. 

The Hard Rock Stadium Express Shop is at the forefront of future retail experiences, and we are excited to be the first NFL stadium to make this autonomous and free-standing concept available to fans.

Unveiled to fans at the Dolphins' Week 15 home game, the Hard Rock Stadium Express Shop can function at any location where Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network is available. 

With Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband's massive capacity and upload speeds, a computer vision technology tracks items as they are selected off the shelves, allowing a contactless experience. 

Accessible to fans by inserting a credit card at the door, the Express Shop allows fans to purchase products and simply walk out of the store. 

They will be billed electronically receiving a receipt through their email. Thanks to 5G and mobile edge compute, latency is greatly reduced, allowing the sales tracking data to be processed in near real time.   

As part of an ongoing partnership with Verizon to elevate the fan experience and bring technological innovations to Hard Rock Stadium, the Express Shop is expected to be utilised throughout the year at all of the stadium's entertainment events and across all properties.