Frankfurt City Council is examining the feasibility of building a new 13,500 capacity arena next to Eintracht Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park.

The council said it will carry out an in-depth examination of the P9 car park at the stadium as a possible location for the construction of a multifunctional arena. 

Mike Josef, head of sports at the planning department said:

After we presented a feasibility study for the area in March, we have now been able to reach a consensus to conduct an in-depth investigation of the site. We've had building rights here since 2006. 

From my point of view, there is no alternative to this, since there is no planning right for the other locations discussed - and therefore no multifunctional arena can be built elsewhere in the city area in the foreseeable future.

Based on the present feasibility study, planning for a multifunctional arena for 13,500 spectators is now to be advanced. Planning funds of €750,000 are being made available for the study. 

City treasurer Bastian Bergerhoff said:

It is important to us to create the ecological and economic foundations in particular and to clarify the urban planning and traffic requirements so that the multifunctional arena can be built on P9. 

At the same time, possible allocation and implementation models for the multifunctional arena are being examined. Our goal is the timely realization of an arena for the Frankfurt professional teams as well as for national and international sporting and cultural events.

The head of the department for digitization, citizen service, participation and EU affairs, Eileen O'Sullivan, emphasizes that the professional associations, other stakeholders and also the citizens should be involved in further planning and investigations. She said:

This is important because we want to use the arena to expand the city's range of sporting and cultural offerings, especially for the people of Frankfurt. We have to close the gap in the venues so that the city and region can continue to develop successfully for the many citizens with an affinity for sports and culture.

 The P9 site is owned by the city and is leased to SSF, which has concluded a commercial lease agreement with Eintracht Frankfurt GmbH on the use of the space. 

In order to ensure long-term sporting and economic use, the operation and maintenance of the arena should be financed primarily from the game operations of the professional teams and also from the marketing of cultural and other events, the council said.