The Fiji Sports Council has announced HFC Bank as the new naming right sponsor of the iconic National Stadium in the capital Suva.

Formerly ANZ Stadium, the venue is used primarily for rugby league, rugby union and football matches.

It has undercover seating for 4,000 spectators, and concrete and grass embankments that increase the capacity to 15,000. HFC Bank CEO Rakesh Ram said:

This is a great accomplishment for HFC Bank today. This partnership with the Fiji Sports Council will now provide Fiji’s own bank with the most strategic, powerful, and exceptional branding opportunity. 

One of the key strategies of HFC Bank is to create a strong and trusted brand that is on par, if not, better than its international peers. Brand is everything for an organisation and any organisation should be extremely proud to be the naming right sponsor of the most iconic national asset.

This opportunity will drive HFC Bank’s brand not just on a national level, but internationally as well. This also puts HFC Bank on a path to becoming a recognised and trusted household name, which aligns to HFC Bank’s core strategy to be the most respected and admired organisation in Fiji.

This new venture could not have come at a more opportune time as Fiji Sports Council gears up for various national and international events post-Covid. 

These include the first 2022 Pacific Nations Cup fixture that will see the Flying Fijians taking on Tonga A, while Samoa faces Australia A on 2nd July.

This rugby international is soon followed up with Fiji’s hosting of the Oceania Football Confederations Women’s Nations Cup that will be played throughout July.

The Fiji Finals will take place in August followed by more major national sporting events for the remainder of 2022.

Image credit: Stemoc