Baylor University’s new on-campus football stadium will be named McLane Stadium. Drayton McLane Jr. provided the lead gift to kick-start the $260 million project and Baylor’s board of regents decided to change the name of the stadium in honour of the former regent chairman and his family.

Having initially decided to keep the name as Baylor Stadium, McLane acceded to lobbying by the university. Regent chairman Richard Willis said that the decision to change the name was made to honour the family for their continued support of the university and advancing the idea of an on-campus stadium:

With his continued generosity to the university, the board felt that naming our new football stadium McLane Stadium would appropriately honour Drayton McLane and his family for their remarkable generosity and visionary leadership, both of which have helped give rise to this extraordinary period in the history of our university.

University officials argued that having the stadium branded with a family name would boost the long-term appeal for the facility. The university has raised more than $125 million in private gifts and pledges for the project, as well as $35 million in public funds from the city of Waco. Another $100 million in athletics revenue is to cover the remaining costs of the stadium.