Ryan Companies US has been selected as the design-builder, in partnership with Crawford Architects, for the Lee and Penny Anderson Arena at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.

Designs are still being finalised for the 253,000ft2 arena in St. Paul and Minneapolis, which will support the university’s hockey and basketball programmes. 

For game days, the ice hockey rink will be converted into a basketball court and vice versa.

Ryan A+E, Inc., the design studio of Ryan, is leading the design of the arena’s exterior, as well as its key public spaces. 

The arena’s design will represent an intersection of the school’s collegiate Gothic architecture and a more modern aesthetic. A LEED Silver certification will also be pursued, which is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

The master planning and design of the arena is led by Crawford Architects, whose experience includes Division 1 facilities throughout the country. 

The flexible design of the arena will allow for rapid conversion between various athletic and university events. Inside the arena, the fan amenities and intimate seating levels will create an exclusive home-team advantage. 

The team facilities include practice facilities for both men’s and women’s basketball as well as practice ice for the hockey teams. 

With a 15-year history of more than 30 projects with the university, Ryan aims to deliver a facility that encompasses the school’s rich history while showcasing its bright future in Division I athletics.

Eric Engh, senior vice president of construction, Ryan Companies said:

We’re proud of our longstanding relationship with the University of St. Thomas and are absolutely thrilled to partner with Crawford to bring a multi-purpose arena onto its campus. When we take on a project, we consider the impact it will have now and in the future. We instantly knew that the Lee and Penny Anderson Arena would bring lasting value to the campus and surrounding community.

Aside from hockey and basketball, the arena will be used for commencement ceremonies, academic convocations, speakers, career fairs, and other events for the university and broader community. St. Thomas expects to break ground in 2024, with a target opening in fall 2025.

The University of St. Thomas recently announced that it received a $75 million gift from Lee and Penny Anderson of Naples, Fla. for the arena. The donation is the single largest monetary gift ever given to a Minnesota university. St Thomas made history as the first Division III institution in the modern NCAA to transition directly to Division I.