Following the tabling of legislation in New South Wales (NSW) to curb secondary ticket selling, and high prices for resold cricket (the new Sydney cricket ground pictured) and concert tickets, the debate continues in Australia about ticket reselling and scamming (scalping). As elsewhere, the authorities want to stop scalping and some believe official reselling is the answer.

Christoph Homann, Managing Director of Resale, Ticketmaster International, commented on the NSW legislation:
The NSW government’s proposed secondary ticket legislation will neither protect fans nor stop scamming. Restrictions rarely stop consumer interest, rather it pushes them into back alleys or in the case of ticket resale to the online equivalent to offshore, unregulated websites and into the clutches of fraudsters.

Fans want ticket resale and we believe that ticket resale can be offered in a safe and transparent manner. The best way to protect fans, stop scalpers and curb the growth of unscrupulous resale websites is for the industry to take the lead. The ticket resale platform that we announced last month will create a resale marketplace that will provide clear transaction terms, a money back guaranteed and industry leading anti-scalping and anti-fraud measures. Fans will be able to transact with confidence in this marketplace that is a proven approach as it is deployed in the States and the UK.

The proposed legislation will do little to combat sophisticated fraudsters who operate outside state borders where even the keenest NSW Department of Fair Trading officer cannot reach. We know from the counterfeit tickets produced based on images of tickets posted on social media sites that publishing ticket images will throw open the flood gates allowing even more fraudulent activity. True consumer protection will come from offering better consumer experiences, not limiting their choices.