ASM Global has officially opened the imaginative Tech Port Center + Arena in San Antonio, Texas - billing it as the most technologically advanced lifestyle entertainment venue in the world.

Tech Port is an expansive community project combining a sports arena, food hall and museum/conference/special event space in equal parts as part of the Tech Port enterprise zone, a hub for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). 

Tech Port’s unique offerings leverage ASM Global’s SAVOR division, which has incorporated many of San Antonio’s favourite local brands into the design, providing the ultimate community home for entertainment dining in the Tech Port Provisions Food Hall. 

The immersive culinary concept includes imaginative local favourites such as Earl Abel’s, The Pantry, The Big Bib BBQ, Capo’s Pizzeria, The Cherrity Bar and Brevity Coffee Company, imbedded into the venue’s vast indoor and outdoor walk-up and in-seat VIP experiences.

Shaun Beard, senior vice president of food and beverage, ASM Global, said:

This was an inventive solution to a very specific enterprise reflective of a deep community project of immense importance to San Antonio. This is a project involving the public and private sector with national and international import.

Food hall, arena, VIP revenues and per caps exceeded our grand-opening projections by 41%. This reflects an unorthodox but highly comfortable reconfiguration of not only the physicality of our POS positions but additionally the local flavours familiar to our audience.

SAVOR also introduced the world’s only self-ordering bar featuring over-sized television monitors and facial recognition for custom-crafted cocktails adding to a seamless and responsible guest experience.

The system remembers orders, reorders and subsequently sends guests their tab. ASM plans to roll out this breakthrough technology at select ASM Global venues throughout its international portfolio. The system previously enjoyed a successful beta-run at ASM Global’s popular Vystar Arena in Jacksonville.

With a capacity of 3,300, Tech Port Arena is a one-of-a-kind, future-forward-technology leisure addition to the legendary and largest portfolio group of music venues in the world, managed and operated by ASM Global. The opening of Tech Port Arena featured international favorite The Smashing Pumpkins, who performed to a sold-out crowd, helping showcase the incredible state-of-the-art facility, sightlines, VIP amenities and hospitality.