The six architect teams that were in the running to design the new football stadium in Aarhus, Denmmark have been whittled down to three.

The three teams that are still in the competition to design the new football stadium for Aarhus are:

  • Cobe (DK), AFL Architects (UK), Buro Happold (DK)
  • Zaha Hadid (UK), Third Nature (DK), Sweco (DK)
  • Dorte Mandrup (DK), Kristine Jensen (DK), Schlaich Bergermann Partner (DE)

The groups are now being asked to refine their project proposals before a final winner is decided on in November.

The City of Aarhus said the three project proposals are so strong that the judging committee chose to nominate them all as equal winners of the recently concluded tender.

A second tender round is now underway, where the three winning proposals must be processed before the final winner is nominated for November.

Alvaro Arriagada, project director, Kongelunden, said: 

The evaluation committee has found that all six proposals are of really high quality, and that especially three projects in their own way have winning potential.

But all proposals have also had elements that were not adequately elucidated or need to be further processed.

He said the competition had been carried out so that the selection panel did not know which group had submitted which entry. He added:

We know very well that in this way we are stretching the patience of a lot of AGF fans and others. But a building a stadium in such a special location is an extremely complex task, where architecture, functionality, economy and other significant factors all have to be considered.

Therefore, it is a good thing that we now have the opportunity to go a step further with these three fantastic proposals before nominating a final winner.

The new football stadium is scheduled to be ready in 2026.